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Chrono&Cash now FREE on Android

We must be crazy, actually, we ARE crazy, but aside from that, we just released a FREE version Chrono&Cash on Google Play! That’s right, all the awesomeness of the premium game is now available for free, zilch, nothing, nada..


We did add a few advertising thingies in the menu’s and interface, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying and trying the game so grab your copy now:

Chrono&Cash Free on Google Play!


Tap verdict is rewarding (4/5)

A new review got published in the new Tap! magazine, make sure to pick up the magazine on your iPad or read the review here.

Initially off-putting, but perseverance and a little patience reaps rewards, revealing one of the best quickfire platform games for iOS.

Chrono&Cash price drop $.99 for next few days!

If you still don’t have this game, or your friends are still not sure? Now is the time to get it!  For the next few days it’s only $.99 so check out why this game is getting these rave reviews and user ratings!

Take your app store:

Google Play | iTunes

Chrono&Cash v1.2.0 coming to iOS in 6 days!

We submitted the new version of Chrono&Cash to the appstore, it comes with all the goodies we added to the Android version AND it adds some much requested GameCenter achievements and a couple of extra improvements.

It should be hitting the App store around August 1st or 2nd, so stay tuned !

Chrono&Cash v1.2.0 on Android !

The new update is going live on Android any minute now, so make sure to check Google Play.  The update comes with a new goodie: Rare collectables. These are treasures that will randomly pop up in your games, but they don’t happen often, so you better grab them before they are gone again!  There are four to collect right now, let us know if you like it and we’ll add more in a future update!

We also fixed various small thingies that should enhance the gameplay, and one big one is the extra life at 50k 60k and 70k scores, because some of you are getting extremely high scores and should be rewarded for it!

iOS Users: no fear! the update is also coming your way, we are just wrapping up some extra stuff for you guys and that will take a little longer but will be worth it ;)


Chrono&Cash on Facebook!

We promise, this is the last one for now.. Chrono&Cash now playable on Facebook! Go check it out over here.

Chrono&Cash in the Chrome webstore

Got Chrome? Love Chrono&Cash?  Now you can play a fun filled HTML5 version straight in your browser instead of working or doing boring school stuff!  How cool is that !?    Go install it here.

Chrono&Cash now on Kongregate!

We are moving Chrono&Cash to more platforms! So you can now also play this game on the populair game portal: Kongregate!  Tell your friends, spread the love, and give it a nice rating ;)  Play the game here!

BB10apps highly recommends it

Well this is a first: a BlackBerry Playbook review over at BB10Apps!  Ending up in the now most common result: highly recommended!

The developer has done a great job with this game and I commend them for releasing this game within the same time frame as their iOS and android versions!

Jayisgames thinks Chrono&Cash is great (green smiley)

John over at JayiSgames stumbled onto Chrono&Cash and gets a special reward for mentioning the original Mario Bros. He ended up with a Green-smiley (like a 4/4) rating, so check out his review here!

it’s an inviting, easily playable, and wonderfully varied one