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Release trailer is HERE!

We are releasing Chrono&Cash later this week, but can’t leave you waiting that long without giving you SOMETHING.. so here is the official release trailer, check it out!

Release screenshots

The Coin-op version

As you might have read before, we added both a landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) mode to the game, and so far we only showed the default landscape mode. But here is why we added the portrait mode: Chrono&Cash running on an iCade (note the tablet used is an Android Galaxy Tab, not and iPad )

Fourth world!

While we are tweaking the difficulty on this game, we figured there will be some awesome gamers out there that make it passed world three.. so that can really only result in one conclusion: we need a world four!!  We took various ideas and finally ended up with the nice era of the vikings.  The Viking world comes with a twist: water!  If you take to long, the water levels rise and you will not be able to survive, so you will want to be pretty fast in this level. Check out a preview rendering of the level:


New preview movies

It’s about time to show you some new progress of Chrono&Cash in a moving fasion.. yes.. it’s “Developer records shaky video” time!

World one and two in action:

and as a bonus, world three in action:

Prehistoric world

The prehistoric world changed slightly since the last post.. well.. ok, it changed A LOT! but the cavemen didn’t!  Right now the game is shaping up pretty good, we had a lot of changes made, a lot of play testing and tweaking to get things up to Orangepixel gameplay standards and the result will be awesome!

Concept levels

A bunch of little Thugs hunt you down in the temple level, notice the little Pacman link we made with the colors ;)

And a very early concept Prehistoric world

Egypt and cutscene screenshots

A scene from the second animation :

and some more ancient egyptian treasure robbing:

WIP : Screenshots

Some work in progress screenshots showing two different era’s of the game: