Smash Melee

Smash Melee

SmashMelee aims at being a fast paced no-brains shoot’em-up game trying to get as much chaos on your display as possible. It should prove a fast and fun challenge for those short minutes inbetween the daily reality.

A no-nonsense fast and fun action shoot em up. Featuring Smash from SmashDizzy in a science fiction setting shooting aliens in order to resque his girlfriend abducted bij the alien master mind. Play your way thru 16 levels of non-stop action catching bonus items to increase your score and upgrade your weapon. After each wave of aliens you will find a large end-boss who has to be taken out before you move to the next wave of aliens.


  • 16 levels of total mayhem
  • 4 big end of level bosses
  • multiple weapon upgrades
  • fast paced chaos with bonus items, monsters, bullets all bouncing around the screen
  • Cartoon style intro and end animations
  • Highscores stay on your phone

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