Dynamo Dice

Dynamo Dice

A simple and addictive puzzle game mixing tetris, poker, and a large amount of fun. Make combinations to clear the lines of falling dice.

In this puzzle game you have to think smart and act fast to get rid of the dice. The six colored dice will start from the top and slowly decent, at the bottom you will have the option of one dice. Select a dice and shoot it at the top line to get rid of the matching dice.

By making special combo’s with the removed dice you will have the power of clearing out, anywhere between 1 and 5, complete lines. This will help you proceed further into the game and reach a higher score!


  • Slowly increasing difficulty
  • Different settings
  • Unique and colorfull graphics
  • A great mix between Tetris and Poker
  • Challenging fun for the casual gamer

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