How about a free little game? Well you are in luck! this is our

“Summer Freebie 2012” !!

Arcade, Retro, Addictive, FUN AND FREE!
We hope you enjoy this little game we put together, it’s a fun and fast paced action game, where you will most likely die before the minute is over ;)

Your only task? Survive as long as possible! Get a high-score and optionally brag about it on Twitter!
Don’t let the simplicity of this game fool you, it still has awesome features:

* The cutest and most low-res retro graphics we could create
* Bleeptastic sound effects!
* Chip-awesomene music by the talented Gavin Harrison (famous for the music in INC and Neoteria)
* pixel perfect gameplay !
* Twitter-bragging options
* HeyZap leader boards
So enjoy this game from us at OrangePixel and our music maestro Gavin Harrison ! and we hope you have a great summer playing games ;)

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