HoL2 update v.0.9.4

HoL2 update v.0.9.4

This update comes with a bunch of new stuff. I’ve been adding some new avatars to trade your diamonds and gems with, but also some tutorial avatars (talk to them once, and they will not bother you again).

There are a few new quest types you might run into, and even a new area for those that really get further into the game.

I also listened to the various feedback on the map and I think these new changes to the map should fix any shortcomings it originally had.

A lot of time was also put in the 2-player (local) coop mode.. it’s not live in the game yet, but it’s coming along nicely.. still some gameplay bugs to sort out, but it will be live soon! (I hope)

so enjoy the new version! (and yes, balancing is still on going, but I think we’re almost there)

  • added: Sewer+Forest levels now skip a level when completed (but level is twice as big)
  • added: short invincibility-effect when Afterlife kicks in
  • added hint/tutorial avatars
  • added avatar: selling Afterlife shards
  • added avatar: “Warp with XP” salesman
  • added quest: “switch room”
  • added quest: spawn-rooms (later levels)
  • added world: “bones” area (later in dungeons)
  • map: now lights up in visited areas
  • map: markers on map are now more visible
  • added special “bone-yard” rooms to slash through
  • NEW ITEM: minotaur-chain pieces, can be used to defeat a minotaur with just a couple of slashes
  • NEW ITEM: speed-force, increases walking speed
  • fix: arena-room and coin-room won’t happen in Sewers or Forest areas
  • fix: all monsters in Arena room now spawn at start
  • fix: minotaur,cyclops,skull-king,etc now all add to boss-bar in all cases
  • tweaks to the music-triggers
  • COOP: fix camera for 2 player mode
  • COOP: fix character select screen for two players
  • COOP: health from scenery flies to wrong character
  • COOP: carrying+throwing bombs with correct characters
  • COOP: bind players from leaving screen/each other

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