HoL2 adds two new game modes to version 0.9.5

HoL2 adds two new game modes to version 0.9.5


Another week of updates, fixes and additions, and another week closer to a official release version “one”.

I’ve added two new (unlockable) game modes to the game, and also a new mini-boss and new monsters. Most importantly there is now a proper ending to the game, altho I doubt many people will reach level 100 in the current version

A bunch of tweaks have been made to the use of magic (more linked to the magic-level you unlocked and your characters magic powers).

The health on monsters has been changed, so they still become tougher in later levels, but it now feels more “fair”.. still not perfect, but my average runs have improved, so let’s see how far you guys and girls can get with this new build !

As for the game modes, a little information:

Hard mode

Still need a bit of work on this one, but it’s basically a shorter and tougher version of the game’s campaign. Where the Standard mode is 100 levels, this one only has 30 levels but level 30 is comparable in difficulty to level 100. So the difficulty increases faster.

It needs a bit of balancing but it’s already fun to play and for the more seasoned players it should provide a nicer and shorter challenge (also great for streamers!)

Survival mode

This basically spawned out of a little test I was doing with Arena rooms, I noticed it was pretty fun and tense to just have to beat arena rooms one after another.. so that’s what this mode is! A very short mode (for most players) with arena’s becoming harder as you progress.. you get a random character assigned with every level, so you better get good at using all characters.

This mode is a bit experimental, let me know if you enjoy it. I might add some changes to the arena rooms in later levels, adding things like spikes or flames, to really make them interesting.. for now it’s a fun and quick game mode with a leaderboard!

And for the full list of changes:

  • tweaked player-levelling
  • tweaked magic spell usage/strength/duration
  • added enemy: scarab
  • added new mini-boss: Queen Scarab
  • added tutorial-avatar explaining warpzones
  • added game mode: “Survival” (experimental)
  • added game mode: Hard mode (30 levels)
  • added new leaderboards for new game modes
  • added item: lens of secrets – shows secret areas like valkyrie sense power
  • added End-boss
  • added Credits
  • increased chances on Arenaroom / coinroom
  • don’t make warp-avatars and warp-zones appear after level 90
  • medusa spell blocks quest monsters from starting (rocko,flamehead,etc)
  • fix: bomb-door staying on map after explosion
  • fix: minor issues with downloading leaderboard data
  • fix: last room never lit up on map
  • fix: points-per-kill now partly based on dangerlevel of monster

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