HoL2 – version 0.9.6 now live

HoL2 – version 0.9.6 now live

Sorry in advance, but this one comes with some big changes!
(kinda the point of Early Access tho)

First: all leaderboards are renewed, this so that scores now also show the amount of “saves” used for the score, and since the whole game balance is now changed since the first version this just had to be done.

I also had to reset player rankings board.. so we all start back at level 1 players (all your other unlocks and such are un-effected except game-mode)

Positive note, pretty sure this was the one and only leaderboard reset required! (think I did 3 or 4 with Space Grunts).

In addition to showing the “Save game” count to your score, there is now also a penalty added for people who : load a game, play a level, are about to die, and simply reload the level. This will give you a 50% score deduction.. so.. there’s that. You can still use this trick to complete the game, cause I do want you to see the whole game, I just don’t want you to cheat your way into the leaderboards ;)


Game mode changes: the normal game mode is now shortened to 50-levels, which with using warp-zones and alternate routes can take between 30 and 50 minutes of game-play.. think that works better for most gamers and streamers. It also made balancing the game a bit easier and the whole progress of the game now feels less like a chore/grind.

The Hard mode is removed for now, especially since it now offers little over the normal mode. I might add it back in another shape or form, but I’m leaning more towards adding an “endless mode” to the game which you can unlock by completing the normal mode.

For balancing: I think I’m really close now! I also changed the speed of enemy fire and cyclops smashes, this makes it possible to dodge it more and ads some skill-based gameplay to the mix.

My best run was around level 31, so I expect a few of you guys to actually be able to complete the game now… so let’s see those scores! ;)

So a LOT of changes, tweaks (and even a new area) in this update, here’s the full list.. as always if you run into bugs drop them in the bug-forum!

  • fix: small improvements to auto-aim targeting
  • fix: special weapons should only appear if correct character is in the game
  • fixed: bug where bullets got invisible in later levels
  • fixed: play menu navigation (and added instructions)
  • fix: overflow bug in ranking bars in ranking leaderboard
  • fix: better “wall-spawn” detection for monsters
  • fixed: spawning creatures start moving only after spawn is done
  • fixed: “Loot Master” achievement now working
  • fixed: treasure chests triggering “quest completed” in arena rooms
  • fixed: warrior disappearing in Arena-room animation
  • added: new area “The Cold”
  • added: level-skip info to forest and sewer avatars speech
  • added: “saved” counter to the final rankings
  • added: loading same saved-file multiple times now gives score handicap
  • added: Wizard special weapon: Thunder claw
  • added: gamepad deadzone slider in settings
  • added: achievement “King Loot”
  • added: achievement “Egyptian”
  • added: achievement “The Cold”
  • added: “locked” info dialog to bestiary,library, and game-mode
  • changed: monsters spawn a bit sooner (purple-spawn spots)
  • changed: slower “bullets” for enemies (including minotaur)
  • changed: elf’s arrows pierce less enemies at once (increases with XP)
  • changed: disabled Hard mode (might return in a new form)
  • changed: decreased Normal mode to 50 levels, more condensed action easier to pick-up for a session
  • changed: bomb/explosions do more damage to everything around it
  • changed: scarab queen, less health, less scarab-spawns and longer pause state between attacks
  • changed: scarabs slightly easier to kill
  • changed: dungeon tourist and dungeon dweller achievements now linked to your player level
  • changed: improved graphics on spike and heat-floor area’s
  • changed: heat-floor auto-fire every few ticks (more interesting!)
  • changed: slightly longer delay before cyclops smashes (run-time)

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