HoL2 nears completion with v0.9.8 update

HoL2 nears completion with v0.9.8 update

I’m nearing a first release candidate (moving out of Early Access). Which I plan to do later this week mostly because this month is full of events that would otherwise cause me to have a terrible time getting any game coverage or even people noticing the game.. so there’s that!

On that note this update also comes with a lot of fixes and very few new things, to keep the stability. Even tho the release is this week, I still plan to do multiple updates in the coming weeks like adding more playable characters, and of course improving things left and right.. so don’t worry, nothing changes except the “early access” label will be gone, and hopefully a bunch of new players will storm the leaderboards!

Speaking of leaderboards.. sorry! but the ranking-board is refreshed. I noticed a flaw in how rankings worked, where you could basically just play to level 2 and die, and you would still get a nice increase in ranking points, making it fairly easy to cheat yourself to the top of the ranked-players list.

This is now changed, the points now combine your current ranking and the level you reach.. so the higher your ranking is, the better you have to be at the game to increase even more. I’m fairly sure this works out much better..

Most of the fixes in the list below are for the COOP-mode, and if you can, you should really try it, it’s amazing fun roaming the dungeons together!

  • changed: appearance and size of worms and improved their collision detection
  • fix: optimized various gameloop and rendering things, for slower devices
  • fix: ranking now more strictly based on your average-level
  • fix: bug with “found a secret” sound sample
  • fix: multiple rottings spawning on same spot
  • fix: case of the floor-shadow with invisible item/loot
  • fix: 4-direction flame pilar not always shooting on south direction
  • fix: 4-direction flame pilar does little less damage
  • fix: various spawn bugs with worms
  • fix COOP: revival correctly restores all health
  • fix COOP: camera take-over won’t move players anymore
  • fix COOP: monsters should signal “monsternear” to both players
  • fix COOP: character select now with gamepad A not with X
  • fix COOP: “ceiling” invisible for this mode (less clutter on screen)
  • fix COOP: quests with room-locks only trigger if both players enter the room
  • fix COOP: inventory is now cleared after regeneration
  • fix COOP: removed Afterlife from gameplay
  • fix COOP: item coming back to life should have some more effects
  • fix COOP: 2nd player has alternate color scheme for avatars

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