Ashworld v0.2.1

Ashworld v0.2.1

The Tinkerer is here!

The old geezer has been a bit of a pain in my behind as I had great plans for him, but then those changed during the development of Ashworld.  So up to now you might have bumped into him in the Ashworld, and he was mostly blabbering about gadgets and not doing much else.  Now he does :)  I’d suggest you see if you can find him and check out his first couple of gadgets.  More are coming (and I’m open to ideas).


  • fix: random NPC’s could bug out the game when talking to them
  • fix: completing communications pops-up last lines of text twice, and groupquest is completed twice
  • fix: tent is now a safe-zone (no new spawns)
  • fix: raw-meat in inventory now decreases properly when cooked
  • fix: garage wouldn’t always give you a new car in return for scraps
  • fix: fire-rang bugs
  • fix: gamepad – ending a dialog with NPC’s won’t trigger a shoot action anymore
  • fix: gamepad – ending a search won’t make you jump for joy ;)
  • fix: more throwing-crate code changes
  • fix: destroy fuel-base mission bugged out on it’s location not triggering
  • fix: removed the option to not deliver packages (old option, mission is now mandatory for continuation)
  • fix: the look on old road-sign scenery images


  • balance: improved rager-spawns and car-spawns
  • balance: boomerang decreases power when hitting things.. it was way too powerful
  • balance: low-health now also makes player move slower/jump less
  • balance: damage done from being hit by car is now 25% instead of 50% stamina

New stuff:

  • add: Tinkerer is finally alive and kicking. Get some strange items at his workplace (if you can find him)
  • add: item rage-ammo (tinkerer)
  • add: item rage-skull (tinkerer)
  • add: item night-skull (tinkerer)
  • add: item power shoes (tinkerer)

Recent updates

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