Ashworld v0.3.0 – Sandworm fishing!

Ashworld v0.3.0 – Sandworm fishing!

Not a huge update when it comes to new stuff, but there are some important mission-based fixes in this build. The fuel-tank mission had some problems, those should all be fixed now and I added some improvements to it. With the mission after now also being fully playable.

I’m working on adding the final missions to the game, there is already a mysterious new device in the Ragelands, which will play a key role !

Also a bunch of fixes, and a couple of interesting new toys you can get at the Tinkerer’s shop!


  • fix: “Make it go boom” mission wouldn’t complete (just the sub-mission fuel tanks 1/x)
  • fix: fuel-tank sub-mission were counted double
  • fix: fuel-tank main mission could trigger as a sub-mission instead
  • fix: signal-booster mission now fully working
  • fix: added Playstation button-naming (yay!)
  • fix: sand-worm destruction more visual in battle (piece by piece)
  • fix: special items being carried now rotate correctly
  • fix: tinkerer shop now shows green-checkmarks on the required items you do have
  • fix: stopped skellies from spawning at start-up setting
  • fix: car vanishes less often when jumping out of heavily damaged car (at least not without a big boom!)


  • balance: shotgun slightly increased strength
  • balance: falling on spikes in buildings now less frustrating (hopefully)
  • balance: fire-barrels can take more damage before exploding (less change of accidental hitting them with fists)
  • balance: big mutant-rager harder to kill
  • balance: big mutant-rager drops more loot
  • balance: doubled amount of big mutant-crabs in Ragelands

New stuff:

  • add: infection to buildings (blockades) require some explosions/ammo to get rid of
  • add: place holder after the “signal-booster” mission.. (for now the last mission added)
  • add: TINKERER: worm-dynamite (attracts sand-worms, and kills them)
  • add: TINKERER: zzap-beacons. Place in the ground and protects you from incoming enemies
  • add: new mysterious portals (newgame)
  • add: signal-jammers now shown on map after destroying first

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