Ashworld  v0.4.0 – Mysterious portals and towers

Ashworld v0.4.0 – Mysterious portals and towers

I skipped last week’s update as I was only partly done adding the new area’s. That does mean that this weeks update is pretty huge. There is now a bunch of extra story missions added at the end of the “story”, these basically complete the story arch of the game (ending on 18 story missions).. which is about time!

Sadly this does require starting a new-game, your old save game might still work, but you won’t run into or experience the new stuff yet.

There are now a few new “mystery” things placed in the world, if you progress through the game’s story you’ll figure out what it all is and means!

Besides the new area’s a host of small and big improvements, enjoy! let me know if anything got screwed up!


  • fix: player location on map is now clearer (when moving outside the map-edges)
  • fix: inventory expanding on “null” item
  • fix: made sandworms clearer on map-view
  • fix: elevators are now more aware of where you are
  • fix: bug where sometimes doors had no buildings, and buildings had no doors (after a “new game”)
  • fix: moving platforms+elevators do fall-damage and proper-landing now
  • fix: dog not following you after load-game
  • fix: upper-cut struck enemies will now still pose a thread unless they are dead (delaying speech + avatars while they can still come up)
  • fix: bit more control of car steering

New additions:

  • add: new building structures (secret-building and skyscrapers only)
  • add: new building-setting (secret buildings)
  • add: new “TF”-device (secret buildings)
  • add: console next to mystery portals
  • add: couple of new “mystery” items
  • add: batch of 20 achievements (steam release coming!)
  • add: defend-area mission
  • add: new car (single instance, rare)
  • add: mission – motherboards
  • add: mission – kill crab
  • add: mission – mystery-towers + fetch item
  • add: (seen) fuel-tanks are now drawn on your map
  • add: press down to drop from platforms/ledges
  • add: quick melee-button to switch to fists (B) on gamepad, check options for keyboard setting


  • balance: shotgun slightly less overpowered
  • balance: skellies+ragers in buildings are slightly tougher to take down

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