Ashworld v0.5.0 – Rare items get purpose

Ashworld v0.5.0 – Rare items get purpose

Sorry for skipping a week of updates, but I’ve been preparing for the first release version including Steam achievements, and taking care of a bunch of fixes and features that all need to be up and running before the game leaves Early-Access.

This means we got a nice list of important fixes, additions, and changes in this new build:


  • fixed Dpad-right on various gamepads
  • fix: “Craft” items now show up correctly in Codex
  • fix: various small codex screen bugs
  • fix: dog is more likely to pop-up again if you exit a home (and if dog was lost before)
  • fix: tweaked car-controls
  • fix: regrouped the mission types, and their icons (pop-up messages)
  • fix: pause screen now has same interface as other screens
  • fix: rare items in codex now unlocking correctly
  • fix: hitting human/skelly enemies in buildings showed wrong images
  • fix: gameover screen sometimes didn’t show “x to continue”


  • added: creatures now also added to codex
  • added: extra light effects to some buildings
  • added: quick overview of main mission types now added to pause screen
  • added: let it rain! (at the end of the game)
  • added: sub mission for rare item book
  • added: completion percentage (map or pause screen) – correct percentage calculation requires starting a new game
  • added: sub mission for rare item: figurine
  • added: sub mission for rare item: game console
  • added: sub mission for rare item: phone
  • added: sub mission for rare item: snowglobe
  • added: credits screen
  • added: character select to settings menu
  • added: group of crafted item flashes in inventory screen after crafting


  • balance: “hot” spawn zones now slowly expire over time after X spawns


  •  removed: ragebar, it has no real function anymore (replaced with completion-bar)


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