Ashworld v0.6.0 – most stable and awesome version so far!

Ashworld v0.6.0 – most stable and awesome version so far!

This whole week I’ve been focussing on the hard-to-find-and-fix bugs. Some of these bugs were game-breaking bugs, causing missions to go crazy (and all missions after it) or silly stuff like cars vanishing when you jump out, to annoying things like NPC’s in buildings keep talking when you just want them to move so you can search the cabinets behind them.

I couldn’t stay away completely from adding some new things, but most of the new stuff are improvements on existing things. It’s safe to say this is really the most stable the game has ever been (altho I won’t say it’s 100% bug free yet!)

Some of the highlights on this update:

  • you can now syphon fuel from other cars, this should make it more interesting to keep your own car as main car by simply raiding other cars for fuel and driving off in your own car.
  • brawling has been somewhat improved, hitting enemies with your fists now give them a little push away, making it easier to land multiple blows and gives you a better feeling of being in control over the fight
  • the game is made a bit easier, with various tweaks from giving your more starting-health, to weapon balancing and enemy balancing.
  • there were some missions that didn’t work well and could bug it our fairly easily.. all fixed!
  • you can now use your skill-points in more random buildings. Your home will always have the new “skill-desk”, but it will now also pop-up in different buildings, so you can use those skill points much easier.

Here’s the full list of fixes and improvements:


  • fix: exiting pause through “continue” menu instead of escape – doesn’t return statusbar
  • fix: make “Scrapcity” name-trigger a smaller trigger-area
  • fix: less barking and whistling with dog interaction
  • fix: some avatars in buildings don’t function properly when trying to talk to them
  • fix: improved fist-fights
  • fix: completion-percentage not reset when starting a new game
  • fix: improved completion-percentage rounding
  • fix: completion-percentage added to “load game” screen
  • fix: package-delivery doesn’t give “mission completed” (only after exiting original shop)
  • fix: missions requiring items didn’t trigger “completion” properly if you already had the item
  • fix: possible null-point in overworld with enemies trying to shoot
  • fix: car-explosion when jumping out on low-energy
  • fix: car vanishing into thin air after jumping out of it (while still having speed)
  • fix: save-game now correctly restores “new skill points” gained since last skill-upgrading
  • fix: skill-desks are now more visual, and placed at more buildings than just home
  • fix: game-crash when entering Tinkerer building
  • fix: gizmo-fetching mission not correctly seeing you near the satellite
  • fix: interceptor not casting a shadow
  • fix: improved the interceptor’s red/blue flashing light
  • fix: removed weird sub-mission bulb above the “living-units” in compound
  • fix: player’s car was too easily destroyed in car-to-car action (due to a bug!)
  • fix: rare items not showing up in inventory
  • fix: torch dying out too often
  • fix: worm-quest in shop now spawns you a rocket launcher (yay!)
  • fix: non-story avatars in buildings only speak one line and then are done
  • fix: exiting building could spawn random items in-front of you (thinking it was the dog)
  • fix: radiation buildings + skellynest will now spawn proper skellies (un-suited)
  • fix: jumping out of a driving car, will still remember that car as your car


  • balance: gave player more starting-health
  • balance: small increase to base amount of bullets for shotgun,machinegun,plasmagun
  • balance: various tweaks to make the game slightly easier


  • add: couple more names to the credits (let me know if you should be in there!)
  • add: map+pause screen now also show amount of new skill-points to spend
  • add: interceptor has a nice little police “weep-weep” sound effect when you start it
  • add: you can now siphon fuel from other cars
  • add: talking to avatars now gives some XP
  • add: extra light effects in dark-buildings to set the mood

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