Ashworld v0.7.0 – Steam release

Ashworld v0.7.0 – Steam release

Version 0.7.0 is here, and this is also the first full release version for Steam. This means that you can grab a steam-key from your page (see your purchase mail for the info). The Steam version comes with Achievements to unlock.

I’ve did some small changes and fixes in this update, there are still a few things I like to experiment with and implement, so there will be some more updates coming over the coming weeks as I work towards a mobile version on iOS in December.


  • fix: more brawling improvements inside buildings
  • fix: improved some level designs with regards to cogs/platforms
  • fix: dialog options are now properly reset (so always start with top-answer)
  • fix: made car at new-game spawn spot “your car”
  • fix: skills are now properly reset when starting a new game
  • fix: debris sometimes would keep rotating (looked silly)
  • fix: removed rare-item-quests from avatar-hints
  • fix: render bug causing flickering inside buildings

New stuff:

  • add: bragging-system for enemies. They will be (visually) stronger/tougher/harder to beat if you let them live after an encounter !
  • add: player now shows “warning” speech if entering a building with low stamina and no food reserves
  • add: avatars can hand player water (in buildings)
  • add: overall light in buildings now gets darker the further/deeper/higher you move from the door


Recent updates

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