Ashworld v0.7.4 – rare crash fixes

Ashworld v0.7.4 – rare crash fixes

A much overdue “rare crash” update. The update list is fairly small as I’m focussing my work on getting the game running smooth and perfect on both iOS and Android devices. The iOS version will be released in early December, and the Android follows after that in early January!


  • fix: some buildings didn’t have hostage-locations (messing up the “rescue captain” mission)
  • fix: make first car last much longer (at least until player gets somewhere)
  • fix: rare crash in first mission after a continue-game
  • fix: possible crash in garage near compound

Addition and changes:

  • add: debug console commands for controller testing
  • change: removed “auto-mount” on weapon pickups when using fists (shooting rockets by accident ain’t no fun!)

Mobile version:

  • mobile: turn “arrow-down” in dialogs into a “tap”
  • mobile: moved completion signs to top of screen, no more overlapping with text
  • mobile: shortened “inventory” instructions to fit on screen
  • mobile: fixed spacing in setting menu
  • mobile: separated touch-controls for platforming, overworld, and driving
  • mobile: inventory/skill buttons – touch area isn’t big enough
  • mobile: fix carsound starting when just entering vehicle
  • mobile: redesigned dialog screen so option-selection is logical
  • mobile: tweaked darkness/light for mobile gaming (often outside)
  • mobile: “buy” item in shop will also trigger a jump

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