Gunslugs 3: Rogue Tactics

Gunslugs 3: Rogue Tactics

Gunslugs 3: Rogue Tactics is the title for my next game, or at least the working-title. The original Gunslugs (close to 4 years old?!) was my first attempt at adding some procedural and rogue-like elements to a platform run-and-gun game, and I did a bunch of things right, and a lot more things wrong.

With Gunslugs 2 it was mostly just building on top of the original one, but moving more towards the chaos and run-and-gunning of the series. I still love to play both those games, as they are very easy pick-up-and play type of games, which is what I originally set out to create.

However, for this third part in the series, I want to move more towards the rogue-like elements of the original one, and less on the frantic chaos (without removing that completely!). I learned a lot of new stuff since Gunslugs, with the Heroes of Loot and Space Grunts games, and even the Meganoid2017 reboot had great idea’s.. so basically if you combine those things together, you get Gunslugs 3: Rogue tactics!

Some of the¬†idea’s for this project:

  • Large¬†variation in weapons
  • Each character has a unique play-style (and¬†unique effects on the environment)
  • Bring back some of the weird idea’s from the original Gunslugs (arcade-cabinet-worlds, etc)
  • Slower gameplay, slightly more tactical.. still bloody and chaotic in it’s explosions
  • Procedural levels with designed¬†templates (Meganoid 2017 style)
  • Consumables¬†both non-permanent and permanent un-lockable
  • World mutations (green keycards in Meganoid 2017)

Each idea on it’s own is far from unique, and I’ve done most of them before in previous games, but I’m hoping the combination¬†in the Gunslugs series¬†will create a fun¬†game with high replay-values.

Current status is that the game is somewhat playable, with the first two worlds in the game, and the main characters all available. Now most of the work will be fleshing out the gameflow and adding a lot of interesting content. Also make those enemies a bit more intelligent and challenging!

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