Ashworld v1.5.0

Ashworld v1.5.0

A new update is here, the main feature: bigger backpack!  This also fixes some problems that people had been telling me about where inventory stuff didn’t seem to appear, and I couldn’t figure out (for a long time) why or what was going wrong. Until this week I finally got a bright idea: the inventory system ran out of space!   So here’s an update with a bigger inventory, and also two new skills you can learn to expand that inventory space even more!

Also some more balancing tweaks (mostly ammo-drop rate increase). The full list of changes:

  • fix: increase in inventory slots – fixes bug of items not showing up/ammo being “gone”
  • fix: boomerang and firerang usage now works correctly (with regards to wear-and-tear when throwing them)
  • fix: crab-ooze mission didn’t remove itself from the map
  • add: added a “dump” option to junk in inventory, to create room
  • add: inventory now shows “available” percentage for your backpack
  • add: new “Backpack” skill (increase size of inventory backpack)
  • add: new “Backpack pro” skill (increases size to max)
  • add: make inventory+map buttons moveable (touch)
  • balance: increased drop-rate on ammo
  • balance: increased ammo on dead-bodies (if learned retrieval skills)
  • balance: made Firerang less destructive (now only when you throw it)
  • balance: made the sand-crab slightly easier to defeat

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