Still a few weeks in the December discount week #ios #pc #android

Still a few weeks in the December discount week #ios #pc #android

December!  A month of gift giving (for most of us).
And I have a gift for you!

This week I’m putting a bunch of games on sale on Android with some help from Nvidia. So head over to Google Play and grab Gunslugs + Gunslugs 2, Heroes of Loot 1 + Heroes of Loot 2, Meganoid2017, and Space Grunts for at least a 50% discount!

The discounts lasts from 20th up to the 26th.

Now, before you say “Why only Android?” don’t worry!  I’m doing a like-minded discount for the games on iOS and PC, so everybody can complete their collection!

So check out which games you were missing on any of the platforms and grab them from the website link!

The PC games bought on come with Steam key and DRM free version, and you can grab all the games neatly in an even higher discounted bundle of games!

It’s the season to complete your games-collection, falalala la la la!

So have a nice end of the year, a great new-year’s eve, and see you on the other side of it!

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