version 0.5.0 – more fixes than a fixer

version 0.5.0 – more fixes than a fixer

Soooooo much feedback since the last beta, mostly through the Discord. That also means a lot of fixes and changes happening, so I’m pushing another update this week. It fixes a few big issues with game balance and game crashes, but also comes with a bunch of tweaks and improvements to the interface and communicating what’s happening towards the player. So update your version ASAP (PC+iOS):

New things:

  • add: new entity – ancient mechanical wheel
  • add: king-defeated victory interlude
  • add: “level up” animation+sound
  • add: interface sounds for feedback on actions

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fix: if more than one inventory item available, selection stays on item for quick re-use
  • fix: make it clear that quest-difficulty is not the game-difficulty
  • fix: codex turned “unlocked X entities” into “photographed X entities”
  • fix: king-brag screen won’t show buttons underneath
  • fix: better centering of King battles
  • fix: Mermaid spawned out of nothing (no water) – (caused by having scent potion active)
  • fix: Mermaid had overkill on spawns (caused by scent potion)
  • fix: bug in “blind” mode and not having any options or actions
  • fix: added appearance text to Muddy, Splash, and Snake statue
  • fix: disabled pause button on mobile when in interface area
  • fix: give more space to interface area’s (options, back buttons further from the device edges, etc)
  • fix: big entities in Codex got squashed
  • fix: Mermaid threw a “JavaLang string”
  • fix: limit spawns on Heart-containers
  • fix: slime-monster causing bunch of messages
  • fix: limit usage of duplicate-items if one is already active
  • fix: added extra check on weapons running out of their turn-usage
  • fix: typo’s and word-wrapping on some of the text
  • fix: backpacks weren’t removed on usage
  • fix: blindness often locked up the game
  • fix: various ways of dying now named correctly and correct interface handling
  • fix: Carni-plant would eat it’s own food (After being killed)
  • fix: balanced item-placement a bit (lowered it)
  • fix: balanced Dwarf Axe (slightly less powerful)
  • fix: pause menu bigger/easier to navigate
  • fix: pause button on mobile:moved to bottom-corner and easier to hit
  • fix: options menu bigger/easier to navigate
  • fix: when Enemy “flees” turn “Escape” action into “walk”
  • fix: possible crash on opening codex or inventory screen
  • fix: make settings/options menu not transparent (especially on touch)
  • fix: in dark room with candle, using camera now shows correct action name
  • fix: balancing monsters (attack chance, accuracy, strengths, etc).
  • fix: small arrows remain visible on some interface screens (keyboard)



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