v0.7.0 – Lobster, projectile weapons, and an old geezer

v0.7.0 – Lobster, projectile weapons, and an old geezer

Version 0.7.0 is here, and it’s one of the last beta updates before release! The plan is to complete the game this week, I’ve already started work on the end-boss (disabled in this build, but he’s like 90% done).

There’s now an NPC in the game, an old-geezer, who will say seemingly random stuff, but you might be wise to listen to it now and then!

So update through Itch or through the iOS Testflight, and enjoy!  Again feedback is welcome on the Discord!

Full changes list

  • add: Lobster (since v0.6.2)
  • add: blunderbuss (since v0.6.1)
  • add: Slingshot weapon
  • add: Lobster-claw item
  • add: new floor type
  • add: entry to the boss lair
  • add: “game-stats” to the “continue” screen, so you know what you’re loading or ignoring.
  • add: NPC with cryptic hints and info
  • add: gave Slime-bottle purpose
  • add: most entities now have a dungeon-master voice-over sample
  • add: Seeker-NPC now fully active


  • fix: tweaked balance of droprates for creatures that prefer a specific dungeon-environment
  • fix: clean up screen on the king-brag and king-victory screens
  • fix: made creatures aware of “projectile” weapons (blunderbuss) and have avoid-stats
  • fix: removed alternate “block gate” voice over samples
  • fix: bug with room-entry text triggering multiple times
  • fix: shorten Bat voiceover
  • fix: shorten Rat voiceover
  • fix: rare case where you found a scroll, it wouldn’t work
  • fix: some buttons had lower-cap writing, instead of all-caps
  • fix: fixed inventory closing when in small screen, using mouse, and using item that needs inventory to close
  • fix: in merchant, amount of item you already have overlapped with buttons
  • fix: getting killed by “Illness” doesn’t say so on game-over screen
  • fix: made victory over a king more visual and satisfying and less messy interface-wise
  • fix: Bones (old die points) now have an item to retrieve more often than not
  • fix: small “flash” when exiting the shop
  • fix: treasure chests would only spawn if you had a key, now they can spawn even if you don’t


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