Here we go! One, if not THE, last update before an official release. The plan is to release the game on iOS and PC next week (Thursday May 24th). So yay :)

Grab your update on Itch.io (patreon’s only) or check the Testflight email for the update (might take a bit, Apple needs to approve it first due to new version number).

New things in this update:

  • add: Every element now has it’s own crown to grab
  • add: gameover screen now shows crowns collected
  • add: continue screen now shows crowns collected
  • add: floor/dungeon-area titles, quest-completed, and level-up are now more fancy and repositioned
  • add: more scenery to merchant
  • add: current stats to pause screen
  • add: made NPC (old dude) have a nicer interface
  • add: added a message for “landscape” mode to best use it only on large devices (ipad,tablets,etc)
  • add: “you won” screen
  • add: old geezer NPC now also contains some tutorial tips/hints (shown once only at specific spots)

Fixes and changes:

  • fix: Medusa head now decreases when using it’s power (not just for smashing!)
  • fix: decreased Medusa head size
  • fix: crown genocide now usable multiple times (for different creatures in that element)
  • fix: “level-up” effect rendered garbage at times
  • fix: some area names didn’t fit / center correctly
  • fix: level-up effect improved
  • fix: disabled dropping of camera from inventory
  • fix: improved wooden floor texture
  • fix: “already own X” line removed if you don’t own any (in shop)
  • fix: Labyrinth, water, medusa-lair didn’t have their name shown upon entry
  • fix: using skill-potion or scroll from inventory now correctly closes inventory before showing skill-screen
  • fix: better placement of current skills on the skill-screen
  • fix: settings screen larger and better to navigate
  • fix: start-screen, “.. to start” and “options” are now bigger and more visible
  • fix: position of pause button and codex slightly higher when in landscape mode (still best not to use landscape on phones.. reserved for tablets/big screens)
  • fix: stats showing during “continue? screen are now properly moved in all layouts
  • fix: sub-text in skill menu button, now correctly positioned
  • fix: hide left/right instruction buttons after X rooms (PC/Gamepad)
  • fix: trapdoor now needs you to mount item before it auto-magically-uses it
  • fix: (tiny)end-boss popping up by accident in the dungeon :)
  • fix: made “big” creatures tumble and vanish in a bit more “dramatic” way
  • fix: don’t show “titles” when in interface screens (like skill, shop, etc)
  • fix: Slime-bottle effects sometimes removed all options for the player


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