Sir Questionnaire now on iOS, Android and PC

Sir Questionnaire now on iOS, Android and PC

Dear Sirs, Madams and anything in between,

Sir Questionnaire, on behalf of Orangepixel, is formally inviting you to the newly build dungeon, run by our ‘demonic gatekeeper’-intern. He is slightly dim, so to keep it all manageable we can only provide you with two options for every turn you have.

I know, that sounds somewhat limiting, and possibly unfair, but for any frustration this might cause we have added a huge amount of monsters to hack, slash, shoot, whizz, transform, or just ignore if you are more peaceful minded. We also lost a bunch of items in the dungeons, that you can use in different ways, but please return them when you can? thanks.

So come hang out in our new dungeon, we are still decorating the place with skeletons, limbs, and blood, so we can use all the adventuring idiots we can find! .. uhm.. wait.. ignore that last bit.

Some key features:

  • Hack-and-slash, turn-based roguelike with 2 options per turn.
  • An optional end-boss.. you can just ignore him if you want! he’s just the intern after all. Don’t enter his lair, and you’ll be fine! … maybe..
  • A camera! – photograph creatures and items and learn about weaknesses and usages.
  • Crowns, thrones, altars, mermaids, fairies, old-geezers, seekers, merchants, cute lobsters, skeletons, orcs, minotaurs, medusa, imps, flame-heads, water in a bucket, and more!

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