v1.1.0 – Objectives and Statistics

v1.1.0 – Objectives and Statistics

A new update adding a few much-asked features: Objectives and Statistics. The statistics are found in your Codex (during gameplay or from your options menu). Showing things like your victories (defeating the boss), victory-streak, kills, quest completions, etc.

The objectives are shown on the title-screen and completing X amount of those will unlock new character types in the form of hats. Right now there are 2 types to unlock at 10 and 20 completed objectives, and I might add a few more in the near future!

Version 1.1.0 is now available on Itch for PC, and coming to iOS in the next day or so.  Of course Thursday’s Android release will come with all these features from the start!

New features:

  • add: Globals Objectives to unlock perma-unlockables
  • add: perma-unlockable hats/characters
  • add: Statistics to the Codex

Fixes and changes:

  • fix: only show achievement option if user is actually logged-in/connected
  • fix: some creatures could still hit/kill you in their final moment (even if you killed them)
  • fix: small balance tweak on big-kings
  • fix: exiting from settings could get messed up
  • fix: cheese description said 2hp, while it gives 3hp
  • fix: the forced locked gates because of certain active items now only happens once


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