v1.2.0 – monster modifiers, hordes, and improvements

v1.2.0 – monster modifiers, hordes, and improvements

A new major build, this update adds “modifiers” to the monsters. There are currently seven different modifier states:

  • Dark Magic: very dangerous version of the monster, much stronger, much meaner, and extremely likely to hit (kill) you
  • Savage – much stronger and aggressive versions of the monster
  • Deadly – more health and more strength
  • Shielded – magic won’t harm it.
  • Sick – Half it’s normal energy
  • Confused – Very unlikely to attack, and only half it’s energy
  • Exhausted – Half it’s normal hit-strength and half it’s energy

There is also a new special room, you’ll bump into it soon enough, and monsters can now show up in hordes of 2 or 3. Besides all those things, there are also a bunch of interface improvements, and still a few more updates I have planned to come!

Download the new version from Google Play or Itch.io right now! and for iOS version, give it a day for Apple to process it!

New things in this build:

  • add: Inventory is now sorted on item types.
  • add: improved settings menu, and added settings
  • add: Monster modifiers. Giving monsters slightly different stats and skills when encountered.
  • add: Improved pause menu
  • add: show item/monster along-side the objective
  • add: banished monsters info is now shown in codex
  • add: Some creatures can now spawn in Hordes. More enemies in a single room
  • add: monsters can now have their back turned to you when entering the room
  • add: quit button (not on iOS)
  • add: Trap-treasure items

Fixes and changes:

  • fix: Imp’s now 20% more likely to drop an imp-skull (70% if you have the objective)
  • fix: outfit showed left-button, without any options on it.
  • fix: damage done is now actual weapon-damage.. even if monster had less HP
  • fix: mouse controls in settings menu
  • fix: added Blob room text
  • fix: add quest count to card info (more clearer than just in the description)
  • fix: sometimes it was possible to still perform action while walking out the room