v1.3.0 – More monsters, hats, balancing and fixes

v1.3.0 – More monsters, hats, balancing and fixes

Wasn’t planning on pushing this update just yet, but v1.2.0 introduced a nasty “random” bug that caused a nasty chance of crashing the game for many people. Sooooo, here’s a new update sooner than planned!

This update comes with four new monsters: two dragon types, a small imp-skeleton, and a fire-bird. Also improved the outfit picking screen, so there’s now room for more outfits to unlock, AND, I added two more outfits and lowerd the unlock barrier for the previous two.

You can grab the update from Google Play, Itch.io or this website, or for iOS the App-store (should be approved tomorrow-ish)

Here’s the full list of changes:

New stuff:

  • add: new monster Water Dragon
  • add: new monster Fire Dragon
  • add: Fire-bats
  • add: new monster imp-skeleton
  • add: new hat, Skelly
  • add: new outfit, Voodoo mask, unlock info available for mailinglist subscribers!
  • add: broken parts of Snake statues, or Balls of yarn, now have a decent chance of hitting you in the face (-hp).


  • fix: redesigned Outfit menu, adding room for more outfits!
  • fix: Gate-keeper monsters (end of floor) are now tougher
  • fix: Kings are now tougher (especially noticeable early in the game)
  • fix: various rare crashes
  • fix: cane now do damage based on your attack skill points (instead of 1)
  • fix: drinking from filled bottle wouldn’t turn it into an empty bottle
  • fix: stoneSnake item now properly useable


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