v1.4.0 – A Tree, pills and trading monks

v1.4.0 – A Tree, pills and trading monks

It’s here! Version 1.4.0 and I’m still not done as I already have some BIG plans for a next update.  However, let’s first handle this update!

I’ve added a few new things you can encounter, a Tree which you can shake, a Monk which is open for trading ANYTHING.. altho you never really know what you’ll get in return.

On the item front I’ve added a new item type: Pills. These are undefined until you use them, and right now there eight different outcomes of what those pills can do.. so.. experiment with pills (in the game only! not in real life!).

Grab the update on Google Play store, iOS Appstore (after Apple’s approval) or right from the site here:


Here’s the full list of additions and changes:

New stuff:

  • add: luck factor now increase chances of finding healing item or weaponry if low on those in inventory
  • add: Trader monks
  • add: new entity – a Tree
  • add: 8 different types of pills
  • add: new enemy – magic Trident
  • add: new monster – Tiny Mud
  • add: Codex now shows monster base element (if any)

Fixes and changes:

  • fix: character/hat wasn’t loaded correctly during a continue-game. (stats did remain)
  • fix: Skelly mask skill-point distribution corrected
  • fix: removed “Medusa” quests, since they couldn’t be completed (only 1 medusa in the game)
  • fix: added a few more quests with new monsters
  • fix: Agility character skills from outfit selection weren’t copied to player
  • fix: lowered usage for Medusa’s head
  • fix: forcing Minotaur or Medusa lair on Skull-gate wasn’t working correctly.
  • fix: genocide-monsters would still appear often
  • fix: lighting candle could crash game
  • fix: XP bar rendering issue
  • fix: changed default gamepad mapping for Codex