v1.5.0 – new room types and balancing

v1.5.0 – new room types and balancing

This update took a little longer than expected, mostly because it comes with a lot of minor tweaks to the balancing of difficulty and other settings (for the better!).

The main change in this build are the new room types tho. There are now three new gate types you can encounter for: Library room, Treasure room, Knights room. Figure out how to get in, and enjoy!

If you need some tips & tricks or extra hints and aren’t afraid of some spoilers, check out the new Wiki that I’ve been setting up. It’s not complete yet, but it has a lot of info already.

Grab the update, as usual, from Google Play, App store, or right from this page:

Here’s the full list of changes:

New stuff:

  • add: leaves-falling effect to the tree’s
  • add: missing room-entry text for a bunch of creatures/entities
  • add: Knights gate/room-type
  • add: Altars take a few more items now based on type of god
  • add: Treasure-rooms with locked gate
  • add: Library door with locked gate

Fixes and changes:

  • fix: tiny mud throws mud from wrong X,Y position
  • fix: elixer should also reset pill-effects
  • fix: rebalancing on weapons+shields+health
  • fix: rebalancing “big” monster dungeon-spread
  • fix: rebalancing randomness on special rooms
  • fix: rebalancing on merchant costs+spawn
  • fix: floating trader monk sometimes vanished automatically (no item dropped)
  • fix: put a cap on heart-containers to 16
  • fix: Seeker monk appearing in next to last room (made it useless)
  • fix: dropped+re-picked up items counted toward objectives
  • fix: boss not effected by ***** :)
  • fix: Rare case of no King showing after skull-gate
  • fix: prices after stealing (bit lower)
  • fix: monsters get more accurate in their attacks in later levels



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