v1.6.0 – the More Monsters update and Snow!

v1.6.0 – the More Monsters update and Snow!

As the title says, this update is mostly about MORE MONSTERS! Some of those monsters show up in known area’s, but this update also comes with a new area: The cold!  Which is covered in snow, comes with some very dangerous creatures, and requires a bit more care when entering.. so be warned!

As always, updates available on Google Play, App store or download it right here:

Now for the full changes list:

  • add: Vibranium shield
  • add: Spike shield (hurts monsters if they attack)
  • add: Baseball bat (weapon)
  • add: Torch (weapon)
  • add: Snow coat (acts a bit as shield, works great against cold)
  • add: Yeti monster (snow type)
  • add: Hell wolf (snow type)
  • add: Scarabs (labyrinth type)
  • add: Goaty (labyrinth type)
  • add: Boggy  (Swamp type)
  • add: increased rate of Boss-lair door spawns
  • add: more force on the spawning of the boss-lair (the further you get into the game)
  • add: an instruction sign to the Trader – monk
  • add: banishing 25+ monsters will increase end-boss triggering


  • fix: “endless” stealing from merchant bug
  • fix: (max) damage done by cane
  • fix: weapon-switching bugs when in “muscle spasm”
  • fix: medusa crown fully gone, had no use at all (no other “medusa” creatures)
  • fix: Trader-monk wasn’t photographable for codex
  • fix: Read/Talk messages now have correct title above it
  • fix: stop special rooms or merchants from spawning in King area’s
  • fix: treasure room could spawn another door instead of items
  • fix: gave “the sands” (earth element area) a correct name when entering it
  • fix: few weird crashes


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