Hey hey! get your free development copy of Gunslugs here !

Okay, let me explain this a bit better. I’ve been working on the next game in the Gunslugs line, and I had even started on that before I got “distracted” by Sir Questionnaire !

But this game is now BACK on the main focus menu! and I hope to complete this game in the next ~5 months (late 2018, early 2019).

However, my plan, is to share a development copy with you guys on a semi-weekly basis for PC (win,mac,linux) so you can follow along the development of the game, see how it changes over time (trust me, it will!) and of course, you also get your hands on a VERY early version of the next game.

So for all $2 and above Patreons go grab this weeks version right over at on this page.
One warning: the game is very early stages, even before an “early access” build. So a lot of things might not work at all, or at the least buggy, a bunch of game-features are missing, and some of the current features might be removed or completely redesigned over time..

IF you want a fully playable game, you’ll have to wait at least 5 months ;)
But IF you enjoy seeing how a game evolves and grows, this is really a great way to do that :)

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