Gunslugs 3: v0.0.2 – New looks

Gunslugs 3: v0.0.2 – New looks

I’ve just pushed a new build for Patreon access. This build is mostly a cosmetic one, as I wasn’t happy with the looks of the game. So a redesign of the world graphics started (and isn’t fully done yet) this week.

There are some improvements, I’ve made the melee weapons work better, you’ll notice a few new items (they are pretty much useless at this point) and I got a first version of pushing crates/barrels around the place (might still have some bugs in there).  Check it out!

Full changes list:

  • added pushing crates/barrels
  • improved melee fights
  • redesign of all world graphics
  • modified soldier AI (behaviour, smarts, etc)
  • improved soldier tracking player/following player
  • fixed doors not re-opening when walking away from them

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