v0.0.3 – jump man!

v0.0.3 – jump man!

This week was all about jumping and gameplay tweaks.  I’ve added wall-climbing/hopping, so you can now move more freely around the levels, and it also opens up more functionality for when I start doing the actual level designs. And I also added the option to jump on the heads of enemies, pretty much in Mario style.  This opens up the battles and actions you can do, and makes for some entertaining fights.

You can now also push crates, smash crates, and a few more fun changes.

Grab the current build now from the Patreon page.

Full changes list:

  • added “wall-climbing” to reach higher spots
  • added “head-jumping” on enemies
  • improved flamethrower
  • crates now can be smashed (melee weapons)
  • crates now get destroyed in explosions
  • wall-turrets bullets now also kill enemies (you can use this in your tactics)
  • crates now smash on the ground when dropped from bigger heights
  • added ventilation-ducts in the game; allowing you to by-pass enemies by moving from one room to another
  • fixed gun-rendering in hud
  • fixed rendering images for vertical doors (those requiring keycard)

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