Gunslugs 3  v0.0.4 – bombs and blasters!

Gunslugs 3 v0.0.4 – bombs and blasters!

Alrighty! this update comes with some new explosives and fun changes. I added a few new weapons, tweaked a few others, removed the mini-gun (wasn’t happy with it at all), changed the weapon and inventory systems (still a work in progress) and did a bunch more of awesome stuff!

Grab the update from the Patreon download link.

Here’s the full change list:

  • added Melee weapon in base rotation of weapon select action
  • added small “hit” game-slowdown effect to kills and explosions
  • added Bombs
  • Player will now aim/shoot down when jumping over entities that are nearby..
  • put a more consistent palette in place, recolored some graphics
  • redesigned Inventory system, ready for more items
  • improved looks of “Arctic” area
  • redrawn choppers
  • Fixed issue with various statusbar items not rendering correctly
  • Destroyed buildings now won’t take out the player by accident
  • fixed: going through a door, while dying, makes the door transition still work, before flashing to the death screen (looks messy)
  • fixed weapon/melee switching when picking up ammo
  • fixed some soldiers quit shooting after being shot once
  • fixed melee weapons sometimes not having any strength in hits
  • removed apple+banana items for now


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