Gunslugs3: v0.0.6 more content and gameplay features!

Gunslugs3: v0.0.6 more content and gameplay features!

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A week later than I planned, but here is v0.0.6. Last week the game build was just way to instable with a lot of tiny little bugs that I figured it was better to skip a week of updates and make sure this weeks version was much more stable.

This also means that there is a bunch of changes since v0.0.5, and because we’re still in early stage of game development, most of those changes impact the gameplay!  So there’s a new weapon-system that I’m trying out, I modified how some of the current items work in the game, I added a few new items, AND I added a few new level-layout features (elevators, crumbling platforms).  So there’s a lot there.. have a little play at it !

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Full changes list:

  • added turret enemies, and controllable turrets
  • added platforms that drop when running over them
  • added Predator helmet (invisibility)
  • added 2nd boss fight
  • added elevator type platforms
  • added enemies won’t target you when you’re invisible
  • changed: helmets are no longer auto-picked up.
  • change speed of lasers firing
  • changed ammo-increase on ammo-pickups
  • changed weapon system (again!) – base weapon has unlimited ammo.. picked up weapons have low amount of ammo.
  • change: melee-attacks from behind are now instant-kills
  • change: made lasers destroyable and respond to explosions
  • change: barrels explode faster if hit by big projectiles
  • fix case where the overworld would not have all towers placed
  • fix laser beam wasn’t correctly positioned

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