Gunslugs3: version 0.0.7 creating the pop-up stores

Gunslugs3: version 0.0.7 creating the pop-up stores

Annnnd, I’m back from vacation! Diving straight back into Gunslugs 3 development. This update comes with a small amount of tiny bug fixes, but mostly I prepared the ground-work to easily add new settings to the pop-up stores in the game.  I’ll show more about that in next weeks video, BUT you can try it out yourself by downloading the new update through Patreon.


Full change list

  • added popup: Princess with coins
  • added popup: Voodoo priest
  • added popup: Plumber
  • added bonus area: plumber world
  • added pop-up stores can now close their door after you “use” them
  • added voodoo mask (not working yet)
  • made camera lock in small rooms/buildings
  • fixed: drop-platforms will now re-appear after X seconds (makes navigating levels consistent again)
  • fixed: shot-helicopter garbles up (no hit-shot frame)
  • fixed: rockets now make you fly instead of just decreasing health by 1
  • fixed egypt-background graphics
  • fixed: improved drop-platforms (can now also be wall-climbed)
  • fixed: big metal crates are not moveable anymore

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