Gunslugs3:v0.0.8 – Jetpacks, Cartboard boxes and more

Gunslugs3:v0.0.8 – Jetpacks, Cartboard boxes and more

Been a few weeks since the last ‘weekly’ update, but there have been some major code changes that required a bit more testing before pushing it out. There is still a rare bug where the game locks-up during level generation.. so there’s that, but it’s pretty rare in the current build, rare enough to push it!

The upside of a delayed update is that there are also twice as many new features! so yay!  Check out the full list here, or just grab your copy from Patreon

New stuff:

  • added: jetpack for flying
  • added: “hiding” mode, auto-activates after X seconds of inactivity.. makes you “invisible” for enemies until you start moving again
  • added: jetpack enemies
  • added: tank-suit enemy
  • added: HELL world (5)
  • added: Egypt inner-building graphics
  • added: Hell inner-building graphics
  • added: player landing, now makes noise, attracting enemy attention
  • added: soldiers now show when they lose their alertness (?)
  • added: cartboard-box animation to “hide” mode
  • added: “huh” sound when enemy loses player


  • fixed: re-did top-world render engine. Now allows for higher places (and jetpack flying)
  • fixed: buildings – don’t crumble after new top-world engine
  • fixed: end-chopper not placed at right spot
  • fixed: rebalanced over-world area (less clutter)
  • fixed: position player correctly on a pipe before lowering him (plumber world)
  • fixed: drop-platforms now use the look of the world
  • fixed: enemy choppers exploded way too easy
  • fixed: player won’t turn into hide mode when in a popup store, or boss-fight, or entering a door


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