Gunslugs3:v0.0.9 – Action Hero, Sneaking, and tactics!

Gunslugs3:v0.0.9 – Action Hero, Sneaking, and tactics!

Are you READY!?  For the biggest update in this little game’s brief history so far?  The last few weeks I’ve been adding a bunch of new stuff to the game-play and these are all finally bringing the game towards a level of playability that I’m really happy with. So no more talk, try out the game RIGHT NOW over at the Patreon site and enjoy the new stuff :)

Full list of thingies:

  • added: dropped crates can now harm enemies
  • added: head rotation to hero + enemies
  • added: dropped crates now alert enemies
  • added: shooting in 360 degrees (auto-target nearest danger)
  • added: medikit drops in buildings
  • added: rain to the city world
  • added: shove-sound and drop-sound to crates
  • added: “true hero” bar, fills up doing kills or stealth-kills.. empties when being shot
  • added: new end-boss

fixes + changes:

  • fixed: rotations are not taking into account slowmotion
  • fixed: activate barrels don’t block bullets
  • fixed: coin blocks have wrong graphics
  • fixed: player melee weapon renders incorrectly
  • fixed: tweaked the vertical shooting some more
  • fixed: hiding shield when in a cartboardbox
  • fixed: made hiding not possible if enemies are to nearby
  • fixed: landmines don’t make any sound/blink when activated
  • fixed: turret bugging out on spawns
  • fixed: enemy jetpacks can’t keep flying higher and higher to avoid player
  • fixed: added sounds to enemy turret, and better visuals when killing “owner”
  • fixed: improved the parallax background
  • fixed: enemies are less likely to destroy crates
  • fixed: end-of-level chopper at right spot (again)
  • fixed: player won’t go into hide mode if no danger around
  • fixed: a bunch of weapon-switch bugs
  • fixed: jetpack collision bug, causing you to be pushed into walls
  • fixed: jetpack + boss messes up the level
  • fixed: statusbar slightly higher on screen
  • fixed: improved a few overworld-level design blocks
  • fixed: metal crates now “ricochet” bullets
  • fixed: disabled “flamers” in first worlds (balancing)
  • fixed: bug with tall background scenery causing level generator delays
  • fixed: improved auto-target system
  • fixed: turret didn’t spawn bullets (neither with player inside)
  • fixed: large drops on top of enemies, knocks them out harder/completely
  • fixed: melee stabs more likely to kill enemy if enemy not alerted
  • fixed: each end-boss now only shows up once per game
  • fixed: spider-bots jumping into gaps underneath the screen will now die