Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.10 – Destroyable scenery!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.10 – Destroyable scenery!

Another nice juicy update, with a lot of improvements on existing code, graphics and functionality,  and possibly a game-hanging bug somewhere (haven’t found it, but still wanted to release this version as it’s a fairly rare bug).  Also added some destroyable scenery in the shape of crates on chains, taking those down is a lot of fun as it will crush most of the things moving underneath (including you!).

Some new enemies, environmental hazards and allround coolness.. so try out the game RIGHT NOW over at the Patreon site and enjoy

New thingies:

  • added: soldiers turn into “skulls” when killed, making it more clear if they are dead or need another stab/shot
  • added: better (read=cooler) clouds
  • added: dropping down from ledges (press Down)
  • added: dog enemies (still need a little extra work)
  • added: shoving crates or barels now triggers noise
  • add: cranes with crates, which can be dropped! yay!
  • added: melee weapons now have strength + reach stats
  • added: characters now have melee weapon strength+reach stats
  • add: crates pushed with a baseball bat now harm enemies when hitting them mid-air

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: turrets spawning half floating on air
  • fixed: sneaking around enemies with knives now makes you slower + tip/toe
  • fixed: removed “sneaking” code, simply doesn’t work!
  • fixed: not being able to climb walls near “from above” platforms
  • fixed: rendering of security doors inside buildings
  • fixed: few auto-aiming bugs
  • fixed: destroyed crates don’t “explode” enemies underneath
  • fixed: parachute-enemies always float to the right / away from player
  • fixed: made “Rocketeer” boss more interesting
  • fixed: made “big explosion” literally look big (double-sprite size, oldschool style!)
  • fixed: added a “danger” level to enemies, to help with auto-target
  • fixed: inventory items now right-aligned on screen
  • fixed: improved SpiderBot boss battle
  • fixed: barels will go full-destruct when hit by an explosion
  • fixed: some bullets/explosions wouldn’t kill everything near them
  • fixed: bug with keycard placement
  • fixed: more auto-target improvements/tweaks