Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics v0.0.11 – Footwear and Polish

Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics v0.0.11 – Footwear and Polish

Oh boy, it’s almost December.. and I’m now 100% certain I won’t be releasing this game in December ! :)  BUT I’m also certain that it’s coming a long very nicely and I am moving towards a releasable game.  This update comes with a lot of polish in all areas, making the game feel more and more like a proper product.

I’ve also added the shoe-store which comes with a variation of foot-wear that give you all sorts of extra abilities. This also made me rethink a bunch of the inventory code and I made some changes left and right, and am finally getting a clearer look at how I want the inventory to work (and I’m 90% sure I can do it in such a fun way that I don’t need to add a whole inventory-management to the game).

So another HUGE game-dev update, and if you want to try it out, check out my PATREON page for the exclusive access to the development updates!

Now for the full list of new stuff, fixes and improvements:

  • added: “General” information bubbles (and all the code ready for tutorials)
  • added: item – Adrenaline
  • added: slow-ticker to avatar text.. setting more of a pace for the player
  • added: action-bar fades when not changing.. (testing it as a feature)
  • added: energy-drinks now actually do something (restore full HP when <4 left)
  • added: cinematics to animations/chats/cut-scenes
  • added: item – Dog toy
  • added: long-press “Swap-weapon” button to drop the current weapon
  • added: new popupstore – amazing shop (sells random items)
  • added: metal boots now actually do something !
  • fixed: clouds in all worlds
  • fixed: removed ammo from drops (was already useless)
  • fixed: incorrectness in health-bar
  • fixed: current-weapon ammo icon
  • fixed: empty-gun testing now done AFTER shooting
  • fixed: improved flamethrower (more normal reach)
  • fixed: flamethrower enemies are slightly easier to take out
  • fixed: bug where grabbing new weapon, gave 0 ammo (resolving to melee or base weapon)
  • fixed: crates now have a much lower chance of spawning items
  • fixed: rare bug with entering two vehicles at once
  • fixed: made (mini)spiderbots slightly easier to destroy
  • fixed: game would sometimes lock up when generating building level
  • fixed: more auto-targeting changes
  • fixed: improved boss-fight (introduction) screen
  • fixed: pickups are now never automatic, always need an action from the player.
  • fixed: item-rendering in hud now have proper spacing
  • fixed: slow-mo on helicopter doesn’t focus on helicopter
  • fixed: popup shops with rare items now check if player doesn’t have it yet
  • fixed: keycard-crate “backup” spawn location is always at spot of the door.

Wooooooh. That’s a pretty big list, now go enjoy v0.0.11 and I’ll start work on v0.0.12 ! ;)