Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics update 0.0.12 – most juicy update EVAH!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics update 0.0.12 – most juicy update EVAH!

I honestly have NO idea where to even begin describing this update.. so much juicy things got added to the game and so many improvements and balancing tweaks.. it’s almost a completely new game since the last update!  HONESTLY!

Just browse through the full changes list if you want to know what changed, or just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it (I even improved the Gamepad support for this build!)

Added stuff:

  • added: correct gamepad input
  • added: full redesign on the statusbar
  • added: new item – Slippers (shoes)
  • added: crashing a building now spawns a chopper near you with enemies dropping
  • added: instructions to all vehicles/interactive objects
  • added: action-hero mode now makes your bullets 2x stronger
  • added: Ninja enemies (Forest world)
  • added: new item – Soulreaper
  • added: Sand-worm
  • added: new item – Elixer (replaces Drink item) – restores full HP when you reach low health
  • added: Tank-suit is now “enter”-able
  • added: foliage to “The woods”
  • added: dropping leaves to “The woords”
  • added: getting hit while in ActionHero mode has 50% chance of not hurting you

Fixes and balancing tweaks:

  • fixed: weapons now “shine” more making them more visible as pickups
  • fixed: metal-boots now stay active, even after kicking (pretty much like all shoe types)
  • fixed: made bosses slightly easier
  • fixed: drink item now restores 6 HP when drinking it (see new item Elixer)
  • fixed: made melee kills more instant when close to enemy
  • fixed: walls don’t crumble with just normal bullets anymore
  • fixed: not all worlds had gass-pipe graphics available for in buildings
  • fixed: vents in buildings shouldn’t activate if player is not “onGround”
  • fixed: gass-pipes in buildings need to be more visual-dangers (and add sound)
  • fixed: shield icon stayed in HUD when shield was already gone
  • fixed: rendering bugs when going down the “Plumber” pipe
  • fixed: storage pop-up rooms won’t spawn items (but can be re-entered over and over again)
  • fixed: turret should take more damage to destroy (after soldier is killed).. making it more useful for the player (and easier to hop in)
  • fixed: bunch of vertical-alignment issues with text-rendering
  • fixed: predator-helmet icon is rendering faulty
  • fixed: bug with calculating melee strength for characters
  • fixed: pressing “back” in character-select screen wasn’t working
  • fixed: melee weapons are sometimes “unlinked” from player sprite
  • fixed: helmet and shield item remained on inventory-hud after they were done
  • fixed: helmet now shows shield in player’s energy hud
  • fixed: pause screen – shorten the white underscore (focused item)
  • fixed: pause screen – more transparent on non-selected items
  • fixed: lowered coin-spawns from killing enemies (balancing, was too easy to collect a lot of coins, let’s see how this works)
  • fixed: dog shouldn’t drop items or coins or anything
  • fixed: picking up melee weapon you already had, is now ignored
  • fixed: some weapons had very short usage (plasma based mostly)
  • fixed: some worlds shouldn’t have chasms/gaps in overworld

And …that’s… IT for now :)

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