Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics update 0.0.13 – STEALTH is the word

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics update 0.0.13 – STEALTH is the word

I really love how a game progresses from a rough idea into an actual game, and then, into a much more refined version of such an actual game.  THIS build is THAT refined version.  The last few weeks I’ve been hammering in all corners of the game build, and the result is this v0.0.13!

The list is almost endless, but the high-lights are pretty clear: much better AI for the enemies (still needs a bit of work), much more hints and pokes to hopefully make the player aware of the stealth nature of the game (stealth and tactics are the key to victory).

I also started cleaning up the whole interface in key areas, and so many tweaks that I’m not even listing all of them! As always Just browse through the full changes list if you want to know what changed, or just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

Added stuff:

  • added: ventilation shaft navigation area
  • added: gore-setting in options menu
  • added: setting for “highdef” pixels
  • added: screenshake setting
  • added: “+xp” points popups
  • added: re-did enemy logic.. now focus on sounds/triggers and are better at tracking player
  • added: show “energy-bars” above enemies (when shot)
  • added: bounce-bombs can now be shot to turn direction (still start move towards first shot)
  • added: completely new look to the game graphics (Background layers)
  • added: more dramatic lighting (outer worlds)
  • added: Choppers now have lights (just one of those small things I like to tinker with)
  • added: bigger bodies to all characters
  • added: new and improved player animations/body-language-tweak-thingies

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: wearing slippers still casts noise when walking
  • fixed: too many ninjas in trees
  • fixed: general text sometimes stays on screen
  • fixed: alert-bubbles are not vertically updated (if enemy drops, the bubble might still float high-up screen)
  • fixed: plasma-bullets still work weird (sometimes get glued to walls)
  • fixed: chopper on end screen, player head not rendered correctly
  • fixed: medikit popupshop won’t “close” the door after using medikit
  • fixed: chopper on end screen should also fly horizontal (increase world-offsetX)
  • fixed: had 2 consoles, 2 doors.. but 1 keycard
  • fixed: gas-bullets shouldn’t trigger noise
  • fixed: player can’t climb all ledges anymore (fat body)
  • fixed: shooting multiple bullets from 1 gun, should all fly to same target location
  • fixed: make sure that no items are landing/placed infront of a door/useable
  • fixed: chopper on end screen “press X to start” should be “to conintue”
  • fixed: elevators are solid from below
  • fixed: all the interface screens
  • fixed: when using bomb, it also throws out a fake-bomb (weapon-dump animation)
  • fixed: doors and store-items have a wrong lighting
  • fixed:chopper on “well done” screen sometimes alpha-fades
  • fixed: having general speech, AND entering a pop-up store with speech, crashes game (stringindex .. due to 2 slow-type texts probably)
  • fixed: chopper (after building destroy) doesn’t spawn in right time/position (can’t see it.. too high up, and to slow)
  • fixed: chopper in initmap and welldone screen isn’t rotated and has no light
  • fixed: spider-bot red-eye isn’t visible (renderpass)
  • fixed: turrets made sounds even when not on screen (or even near screen)
  • fixed: player correctly hiding (not on creen) when in “cartboard box”
  • fixed: gave a better visible cue to correct hits on bosses
  • fixed: variation in body types/appearances
  • fixed: player now lands/moves better on elevators
  • fixed: Plasma-bullets create too much noise-signals on impact


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