Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.14 – Hostages and Hackers

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.14 – Hostages and Hackers

This Patron update comes with a bunch of improvements to the enemies, a few new additions to tower worlds, and improved control setup and options.

Towers now come with cool features like hacakable-consoles, and hostages you can rescue. For now they don’t do much else, but eventually this will help you gain more XP and get quicker skill-points (once I actually build that system).  I’ve also been toying a lot with the enemies, trying to make them look less stupid and even more predictable.

As always just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

Added stuff:

  • added: split keys/buttons for “interaction” and “swap-weapon”
  • added: experimental – zooming-in when sneaking up on enemies
  • added: hostages to towers (+ tower-objective)
  • added: hackable terminals (+tower objective)
  • added: hiding behind some scenery items
  • added: hostages can also be (accidentally) killed
  • added: Hide is now an option/button near certain items. Cartboard-box hide might move to a “skill” or character-property
  • added: hiding behind low-hanging tapestries
  • added: Big crane-containers (floating ones) can now also be cut without shooting

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: keyboard setting bugs
  • fixed: added some priority sorting between pickup/hide/enter actions at the same spot
  • fixed: dialogs now can’t be walked out off, but need to be “deactivated” with a button. Cleaner for gameplay
  • fixed: enemies try jumping on stuff when there is a ceiling to low
  • fixed: made on-screen button-hints more clear
  • fixed: landing area of a world now won’t spawn enemies
  • fixed: enemies are better at jumping over things
  • fixed: turrets now have a smaller activation-zone/range
  • fixed: can hack terminal and still walk away
  • fixed: player sometimes stops animating
  • fixed: gamepad input settings and navigation bugs
  • fixed: Swattor boss – less worldshake.
  • fixed: make enemies take longer before they turn around (change weird icon into a “. . .” bubble)
  • fixed: floor-spikes went up once, then were gone (killed themselves)
  • fixed: not all enemies need “eye”cones.. just those within player reach
  • fixed: clear objectives after exiting building (also when moving to boss-battle)
  • fixed: added objectives to Pause screen
  • fixed: boss-intro UI elements aren’t linked up correctly (bottom blackbar)
  • fixed: enemies didn’t shoot often/proper enough



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