Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.15 – Inventory and Take-downs

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.15 – Inventory and Take-downs

It’s been a lot of tinkering and hard-work on this, so that explains why it took me 2 weeks to release this update, but it’s a nice one!  I finally caved in to the idea of having an inventory in the game, so the first step was made towards that. To activate the current inventory, long-press the weapon-swap button.

Another nice feature that took a bit more time to get it all working nicely, was adding the “take-down” action. You can now sneak up on enemies, and an on-screen prompt will show you the “press [A] to take down”. Press it, hold it, and you should be able to take-down an enemy without bullets, melee weapons or noise!  You can drag that body around and throw it somewhere.  Makes me feel so cool every time I do this action!

Also added the first steps towards XP and skill-points (the points aren’t really in the game yet, but the XP bar is there). And another take on the status-bar.

I’ll also be talking about most of these changes in next Thursdays youtube vlog, so make sure to keep an eye on that.

As always just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

Full changes list:

  • added: first phase of turning the action-bar into a proper xp/skill-point system
  • added: hanging on a ledge now slowly slides you down (unless you have the pick-axe)
  • added: new item – EMP (when holding it, disables electronics nearby)
  • added: little “thrust” when slashing/hacking/smashing with melee weapon
  • added: enemy soldier “take-down” when nearby
  • added: dragging + dumping of enemy bodies (after a take-down)
  • added: new items – tennisballs, bricks and bottles (all for distraction purposes)
  • added: rockets to towers (+ objective to sabotage/disarm/disable them)
  • added: new background for Arctic world (now based on world1+2 background layout)
  • added: picking up items now place them in your hands
  • added: new background for Egypt world
  • added: moving lasers inside towers
  • added: player-dialogs for certain events (hostage rescue, hacking, etc)
  • added: proper inventory, long-press weapon-switch to activate it


  • fixed: end-chopper didn’t show the “press A to enter” info message
  • fixed: head-stomping now limited to when wearing metal-boots
  • fixed: “tension”-zoom doesn’t work when near the outer-edges of the tower
  • fixed: hostages die by explosion of a dropping crate
  • fixed: Smashrock boss battle slightly harder (needs a bit of thinking about the right order)
  • fixed: coins sometimes fall through floors/solid-from-above ledges
  • fixed: cleaned+redesigned the chat/info boxes
  • fixed: sometimes exiting a vent, can spin player into endless walls
  • fixed: melee stabs now only instant-deadly when done from behind
  • fixed: disable “throwing” when holding a dead-corpse
  • fixed: inventory screen is outside screen edges if player high on screen
  • fixed: corpse should make a drop-sound
  • fixed: spawn more crates with items!
  • fixed: inventory item drop directly picks-it up again (and what happens if we drop multiple of the same)
  • fixed: dropping weapons won’t visually change weapon in hand
  • fixed: player gets electrified by EMP
  • fixed: lowered dog-spawnrate even more



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