Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.16 – Missions

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.0.16 – Missions

This update is mostly build around a whole new Mission system, and that means there’s been a lot of changes under the hood of the game to make it all work and flow.

Besides the whole new mission-select screen, and missions to complete, there have been a huge amount of tiny changes to improve the gameplay and balance, and I’ve been hunting a bunch of hard-to-find bugs which needed fixing. There are still some of those harder bugs in there, but no game-breaking ones, which is good!

Save games aren’t working yet, mostly because there’s still a bunch of things that might change and that would absolutely break every save-game file anyway. But the ground-work for all those things are being done under the hood.

As always just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

Full changes list:


  • added: Mission-select screen (WIP)
  • added: A lot of code to sort missions,character-select, and start of save/load game functionality

Everything else:

  • fixed: only 1 sand-worm in The Sands
  • fixed: more tweaks to struggle/take-down animation
  • fixed: mouse control in settings
  • fixed: completing “kill enemies” keeps counting even after done
  • fixed: losing robo-helmet, still shows it in inventory (should never show up in inventory?)
  • fixed: make chopper spawn AFTER building collapses, not during
  • fixed: shoot player higher up with parachute after tower-take down
  • fixed: (mostly) player still opens doors/goes into hiding while doing a take-down
  • fixed: too many times landmines/explosions didn’t kill enemies
  • fixed: takedown action distance required is too big (was based on weapon-reach)
  • fixed: don’t show onscreen prompts during “Failed”
  • fixed: add XP to sabotage/hacking/hostages
  • fixed: make XP+level be linked to the character not the player
  • fixed: enemies in take-down drop their shields for you to pick up
  • fixed: show completed missions on mission-select
  • fixed: check for mission specific requirements in world-generation (hostages, sabotage, etc)
  • fixed: crates now spawn too many items to frequent
  • fixed: player-dialog at top half of screen is too high
  • fixed: chopper after building-takedown is still positioned way to low
  • fixed: add names to mission-select squad
  • fixed: island 2 objectives show completion of the island1 objectives (strike-through, while mission says 0/4)
  • fixed: island 2 objectives fall on the left-side and out of the screen
  • fixed: soldiers are rendered behind consoles/hack/hide objects
  • fixed: player now has parachute when entering buildings
  • fixed: struggling enemies now drop coins randomly
  • fixed: enemies always move to the right of a noise/rock/ball (why!?)
  • fixed: coins still get launched inside a wall
  • fixed: (I think) enemies don’t target player anymore. They just shoot straight
  • fixed: coins are kept across characters / missions



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