Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.1.0 – Light it up!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.1.0 – Light it up!

We are breaching new version numbers! The game is getting a stable thing, so I decided to start upping the middle number as I’m slowly but steady moving towards a release version 1.0.0.   This update comes with a lot of changes under the hood, but luckily also visual changes and many gameplay improvements and bug-fixes.

A bunch of “under the hood” stuff has to do with character specific skills, there are now a bunch of things tied to the actual skills of the character you play with. So a strong character will need less time to take down an enemy, but might be very bad at hacking terminals or sabotaging rockets. There’s still more to do in that area, but the base stuff is done so that I can slowly start thinking about the whole XP/level-up interface that needs to be added!

I’m also very happy with the new lens-flare stuff in the game, really makes some scenes pop-up.. so time to come up with some fun extra rooms for the buildings.

A lot more things changes, just check the long list below, OR as always just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

Full changes list:

  • added: take-down struggle now based on character-specific strength
  • added: increased inventory space
  • added: inventory size now linked to character-specifics
  • added: various interface improvements all over
  • added: improved mission-select screen
  • added: rescue chopper can now be entered always (disregarding tower-take downs or mission status)
  • added: dead characters now drop a bag with some of their inventory
  • added: improved pause screen
  • added: items to ventilation shafts
  • added: hacking and sabotage are now part of character-specific skills
  • added: a “press X to exit” to ventilation shafts
  • added: more stats to player-select screen
  • added: more likely to have pop-up stores near towers
  • added: improved lighting + (lens-flare)
  • added: bunch of tiny light and graphic improvements
  • added: enemy shoot range and speed are now depending on world/progress
  • added: steam can now be turned on/off and used against enemies
  • added: tower-size now depending on world/region (progress in game)
  • added: sounds to the crane-things
  • added: make player face consoles/devices when operating

Fixes / tweaks:

  • fixed: less noise/hit triggers when rock hits certain objects
  • fixed: soldiers now looking right direction when distracted by thrown items
  • fixed: some dropped platforms don’t reappear making level impossible
  • fixed: fewer lasers per area!
  • fixed: lasers don’t render/work properly
  • fixed: lasers go straight through crates (without destroying them)
  • fixed: some hostages are placed inside walls after rescue
  • fixed: barels need a bit more time before they explode
  • fixed: inventory is reset between mission-select? (now only on player-died events)
  • fixed: enemies don’t die by steam yet
  • fixed: enemies don’t “look” at player when targetting them but look upwards
  • fixed: menu still shows “o – options”
  • fixed: added extra floor-checks for random scenery stuff
  • fixed: player-talk sometimes still not positioned correctly
  • fixed: pause screen – dead avatar should show correct head underneath cross
  • fixed: shop-keeper counter isn’t visible (same with more random-scenery stuff?)
  • fixed: hack-consoles don’t deactivate lasers yet
  • fixed: enemies still jump weirdly against a wall (on the right) after being alerted
  • fixed: 2nd character should start at spot of current char death / in building
  • fixed: enemy-aim is now split into degrees (early levels have worse aim than later levels)
  • fixed: too much steam causes the lights to flicker
  • fixed: steam-pipes are missing from rendering
  • fixed: 2nd player falls from high in sky when in overworld
  • fixed: ninjas are kinda sad.. improve them, or remove them — now look much cooler!
  • fixed: added more item-spawn-spread
  • fixed: characters need to be reset before showing menu after a game-over
  • fixed: tweaked item-spawns from crates some more
  • fixed: thrown/used items should be gone (like balls, stones, etc) .. useable only once
  • fixed: if robocop helmet runs out, pick up other helmet, it will “throw” robocop helmet (even tho we don’t have it anymore)
  • fixed: lasers generate blood if player is still “inVent” exit phase
  • fixed: items not showing up in inventory
  • fixed: thrown items inside a vent, showing up outside a vent
  • fixed: dog grabs bone, and clones it :)
  • fixed: backup code to spawn keycards in case of world-generator not capable of it
  • fixed: steam-spots aren’t always obvious in towers