Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.2.0 – ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.2.0 – ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!

How can you create a stealth game without security cameras and alarm bells!?  Well… you can, if you want, but I really wanted to add those features!  The alarm-state of a building now also dictates the alert-ness of the soldiers in it, so you might want to do your best to stay hidden from cameras and take out enemies as quiet and fast as possible, before all the alarms start ringing!

To take down a building you now also have to actually place X amount of C4 detonators, so find the right spots, place the C4, and then leave the building!

Besides the new features I also fixed and improved a bunch of things, including some bugs introduced in last update (oops!)

A lot more things changes, just check the long list below, OR as always just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

Full change list:

  • added: now need to place C4 at designated hot-spots in a building before you can exit
  • added: 2nd background music (draft version)
  • added: item mushroom
  • added: Security cameras
  • added: Armory-store
  • added: Security level to a building.. the higher it is, the more alert/aggressive enemies are
  • added: enemy-spawn count is now based on world/progress
  • add: new item – Battery to power “devices”
  • added: Time-machine pop-up shop
  • added: Mission-progress medals to mission-select screen
  • added: new area – Ancient Dungeons

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: issues with helmet-swapping not working correctly
  • fixed: improved visuals on sabotage
  • fixed: renamed instructions from “hack” to “sabotage” at rockets
  • fixed: “holdable-consumables” like EMP now have a life-spawn of a few seconds
  • fixed: elevators are not responding to EMP
  • fixed: sabotage action doesn’t have text anymore
  • fixed: second+ character being dropped into the game dies directly
  • fixed: had ninja spawn on every tree top (debug code was on)
  • fixed: issues with building names, hud and important text dialogs overlaying each other
  • fixed: hacking computer – general says lasers are disabled.. should first check if level has lasers
  • fixed: mission screen now starts at previous world/location
  • fixed: dialog with avatars not continueing
  • fixed: building missions not triggering
  • fixed: retrieve X missions don’t trigger
  • fixed: dropping weapon+picking it up again, gives full-ammo
  • fixed: shoe, shield, and helmet type aren’t transferred after mission done
  • fixed: carrying weapon should transfer across missions
  • fixed: rescue “HERO” mission didn’t trigger
  • fixed: coin-blocks in world1-2 are not looking correctly
  • fixed: sec-cameras aren’t “hackable” yet
  • fixed: cameras should be destroyable
  • fixed: remove cameras near start-door of building
  • fixed: sometimes you see crates /scenery fall when entering a new area
  • fixed: footstep sounds are now gone if wearing slippers
  • fixed: triggermission isn’t checking “Active-tier” anymore
  • fixed: throw rocks/balls more horizontal
  • fixed: weapon-pickup doesn’t show “ITEM” notification
  • fixed: camera isn’t effected by EMP
  • fixed: some buildings don’t have ANY C4
  • fixed: items in some pop-up shops are “floating”
  • fixed: pause screen can be closed with escape (same button as opening it)