Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.3.0 – Snakessss,Skillsssss and a Public BETA!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.3.0 – Snakessss,Skillsssss and a Public BETA!


We are nearing a somewhat stable game and closing in on a public-beta!! wooohooo!  Well, at least I’m excited about that, it’s been a long road and there’s still a long road ahead before I can call this game “completed”.

But this update brings us, again, much closer to that release point. You can now also wishlist the game on Steam and I will be doing public-beta’s through, so make sure to hang out there if you want in on that!

Anyway, let’s look at all the new and changed stuff, and for Patrons, as always just grab your copy from Patreon and dive into it!

  • added: snakes
  • added: Skill-point interface and all the code that goes along with that (yay!)
  • added: library popup store
  • added: new item – Skill-book
  • added: popup stores “randomness” is now more intelligent and checks on player status/inventory
  • added: hiss-sound to snakes
  • added: typing sound to hacking/consoles
  • added: made struggle harder (also a random chance of guard escaping your struggle depending on your characters strength)
  • added: on-screen prompt showing “security system back online in 3..2..1”
  • added: MISSIONS: Contact our informant

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: stop audio-loops from playing after going into mission screen
  • fixed: turret isn’t attracted by noise/thrown items
  • fixed: turret guy can now be stealth-attacked like other soldiers
  • fixed: hostages sometimes positioned in such a way, that they block pass-through/level-completion
  • fixed: picking up default weapon crashes game
  • fixed: newly added objectives (during gameplay) will be shown on screen
  • fixed: limited the amount of C4 required in big buildings
  • fixed: next world-tiers get removed after doing an indoor mission
  • fixed: add more hide-able furniture in-doors
  • fixed: pedestal in popup-stores show “hide” message on top of “buy/need more coins”
  • fixed: move Soul-reaper to Heroes of Loot world
  • fixed: skill-select always selects skills from first group.. (abilities)
  • fixed: mission-screen dialogs are now flexible depending on how many missions.. make them same-size always
  • fixed: starting parachute-in can still cause a character to die (mostly AFTER playing with other character first)
  • fixed: some enemies in towers are positioned in such a way they are thrown thru all the wall tiles (looks weird, and shouldn’t happen)
  • fixed: make soldier “visibility cone” work same as camera-cone (light-based)
  • fixed: make Hostage cage unsolid.. add player “operating” animation to it
  • fixed: take-down victims now also spawn items/coins like normal kills
  • fixed: soul-reaper item now fully working
  • fixed: security-guard cone looking to left, is too far from face
  • fixed: unlocked skill-points don’t care about selected character (upgraded char 1, but also showed on char 2)
  • fixed: informant keeps saying it’s lines.. should resolve to “blabla”
  • fixed: avatar-heads now animated when talking


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