Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.4.0 – 105 hours of work on new content and fixes!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics v0.4.0 – 105 hours of work on new content and fixes!

That’s right, 105 hours of work in this new update ..give or take a day. And that’s mostly the reason I haven’t been updating the Patron version or this devlog: because I’ve been adding so much stuff in recent weeks that I also introduced a bunch of bugs that needed fixing at every turn before I could push something stable!

But this is that stable build! .. more or less.  Now let’s see what the main highlights are in recent weeks.  First there’s a complete redesign in the mission / game structure. I pretty much removed the mission screen, and replaced it with a shorter/faster overview of the 3 missions you have to do in the current world before you can move towards the next one.

I really like the flow of this a lot more than having to pick what to do next. It also allowed me to add more replay value to the game by now simply picking a set amount of missions from the growing pool of missions, so that you end up with a new set of missions every time you play.

On that note, I added new mission types! There are now informants you can contact, there are generals you need to abduct, and a bunch of other smaller missions thrown in. I’m basically turning every fun feature in the game into some sort of mission where ever I can.

Besides missions there are a handful of new items to find and use, a bunch of new Pop-up shops, and you can now find out more info on your items by checking the inventory screen.

Anyway, grab the Patreon build if you are a Patron by following this link, or Wishlist the game and come hang out in to get a chance of playing the public-beta version that I’m now slowly moving towards!

Full change list:

  • added: Complete redesign of mission structure / game-progression
  • added: new item – Army uniform disguise
  • added: new item – Gold bars(translates to X amount of coins)
  • added: sound and music now gets softer if you enter ventilationshafts
  • added: single shot or thrown items at a camera will disable them for a few seconds (without raising alarms.. unless you destroy them)
  • added: dust particles when ledge-climbing
  • added: variation in daylight and rain world-graphics
  • added: new item – Dracula Tooth
  • added: new shop – Count D Coffins
  • added: new shop – Clothing
  • added: Informants now carry briefcases
  • added: Briefcase melee weapon
  • added: passive-item info to the inventory screen (boots/helmets/ etc )
  • added: Building-door should check if player is carrying General (or if general-body is in the building) – before exiting
  • added: show “base weapons” on the char-select screen
  • added: new mission type – cut down crates
  • added: make player “operator” door (look at it, like with cages)
  • added: scenery improvements
  • added: improved graphics in various overworlds

Changes and fixes:

  • fixed: bombs don’t explode on touch
  • fixed: player sometimes in sneak-mode when moving left (not right) and no reason for it to go into sneak-mode
  • fixed: bow+wand can still spawn (should never happen) same for predator-helmet
  • fixed: small bugs with enemies+avatars head direction when looking at you
  • fixed: improved building generator
  • fixed: items inside vents still spawn/drop outside vents (if not picking them up inside vent)
  • fixed: fences in Amazon world are corrupted after entering building and returning
  • fixed: tiny destroyable scenery now also trigger noises (can be used for/against you)
  • fixed: lots of destroyable scenery like bottles/small tables isn’t being generated anymore
  • fixed: item placement in some pop-up stores
  • fixed: abducted-general at the_Chopper is vanishing too soon (collision detect at door)
  • fixed: general should be dropped when entering vents
  • fixed: general should hide if player hides
  • fixed: some shop-owners start floating in the air when entering building
  • fixed: player can be killed in chopper (make invinceable)
  • fixed: checking passive items, puts them in your hand when exiting inventory
  • fixed: completing missions doesn’t move to next world
  • fixed: elixer isn’t “passive” ?
  • fixed: smashing camera doesn’t make sound (add a CLUNKC)
  • fixed: soldiers still shoot at player when already dead
  • fixed: building door should check for “briefcase”
  • fixed: general body is dumped at chopper when completing mission
  • fixed: end-chopper thinks we didnt give general or briefcase (we did both)
  • fixed: improved enemy capability of chasing you
  • fixed: removed some info-prompts from the screen.. making it look cleaner
  • fixed: made enemies shoot-speed slower on early levels
  • fixed: improved response of enemies chasing rocks/balls/etc
  • fixed: disabled cameras shouldn’t be “Target” in auto-aiming
  • fixed: extra cranes (for misison) should be generated from right-side of the world backwards.. Also do more test on empty-ness of the area
  • fixed: added extra code to fix positioning bugs on level-start/building-start
  • fixed: some “Crane-drums” are “unstuck” and thus not positioned correctly underneath crane
  • fixed: chopper should check for general/briefcase mission
  • fixed: briefcase stays with player after exiting level
  • fixed: alarm shouldn’t trigger/happen in special worlds
  • fixed: Speed up level generator for Amazon + Arctic
  • fixed: item in hand doesn’t “hide” with player
  • fixed: 2nd building won’t have general spawning in it.. but door still thinks we need to bring it to exit
  • fixed: if taken general out of building 1, then entering building 2 – gives us a 2nd general


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