GS:Rogue Tactics v0.7.0 – Redone skills, added socks and more!

GS:Rogue Tactics v0.7.0 – Redone skills, added socks and more!

Alright, let’s do two version in one!  Cause that’s really what this is, version 0.6.0 is currently out and is used in a public-beta test AS I TYPE THIS! .. strange.. BUT I’ve been working on the v0.7.0 update for a few days already, and that’s what this update contains!

Can you still follow this? okay, so this is the Patreon update, which contains all the stuff that’s currently in the beta, plus a few big changes on top of that.  I decided to completely redo the skills-screen and removed the skill-tree-interface-navigation style and replaced it with a much faster: here’s three random skills, pick the ones you want! Which is pretty much how I also did it in Meganoid2017, and I prefer the choice it gives, the faster pace it has to the gameplay, and also that it’s easier for new players to get into.

I also removed a bunch of text and replaced some text with small animations, so most of your special operations (placing C4, saving people, hacking, etc) are now shown with a nice little animation instead of boring text to read.

So grab the Patreon build if you are a Patron by following this link, or Wishlist the game and come hang out in to play the public-beta all weekend (and the chance of winning a free copy on release by playing the duck-hunt game in the discord!)

Full change list, both versions combined:

  • added: when hiding, bullets and explosions don’t harm you
  • added: elixer and drink are now use-ables instead of instant usage (need to select them from inventory)
  • added: redid the pause screen to fit more with the rest of the interface style
  • added: Animations to replace text for mission actions
  • added: crates now also take damage if dropped
  • added: Spy-documents missions
  • added: random scenery items
  • added: new Skill interface – turned into a more random/rogue-like approach to skills
  • added: Skill to increase your backpack
  • added: chopper as exit for animations instead of weird door
  • added: exiting a building without having alarms triggered at all adds extra XP
  • added: snakes are now improved and working better
  • added: show prices of items we can’t buy

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: foliage remained (floating) even when floor underneath was gone
  • fixed: text in inventory dialog isn’t wrapped correctly in width
  • fixed: enemies walk like lemmings into the gaps
  • fixed: player shouldn’t “aim” enemies when throwing items/boms/etc
  • fixed: book placement is wrong (actually removed from random spawns)
  • fixed: skill-combat icons are still wrong
  • fixed: less snakes spawning from crates
  • fixed: snake hits the solid block continously (might also happen with other crates nearby)
  • fixed: intro animations could bork out if you enter the menu in-between them
  • fixed: (hopefully) dog grabbed bone.. but bone still bounced on for a bit (2 bones!)
  • fixed: the “about-to-shoot” tremble causes this thing to fly upwards (actually removed the tremble, doesn’t fit there)
  • fixed: intel-briefcase mission sometimes not completed
  • fixed: chopper in overworld with low-hanging platform, makes soldiers spawn inside platforms
  • fixed: had 15/12 xp.. picked up medikit.. was reset to 12
  • fixed: enemy bodies should trigger alert-status towards other enemies (not “noise triggers”)
  • fixed: knife-positioned too high
  • fixed: weird platform positioning bugs
  • fixed: weird body results when blown up during hostage-rescue
  • fixed: crane-crates are positioned into the floor
  • fixed: dog doesn’t fetch bone if it doesn’t hit it
  • fixed: background trucks could be generated with walls in-front of them
  • fixed: player keeps moving when reading code-of-conduct
  • fixed: ventilation items can be shown inside walls when entering other/nearby ventilations
  • fixed: after jungle animation, first building does this
  • fixed: laser mounted guns go wrong
  • fixed: stuck in the turret.. couldn’t shoot or turn back (happened after turning once)
  • fixed: elixer doesn’t do anything if <4 hp already (make it optional from inventory?)
  • fixed: items that shouldn’t spawn.. spawned from crates (After exiting building)
  • fixed: crate spawns in wall in special room
  • fixed: skill “requires aim” could be selected without the higher-tier skill
  • fixed: soldier-takedowns are now easier with weak-characters (and properly look at the strength of each character)
  • fixed: walking on the elevator makes you slowly fall off (even if you walk the same direction)
  • fixed: ninja attack animation was wrong and had no sound
  • fixed: ninja is shooting (has no gun!)
  • fixed: hanger-door placement is wrong in one building template
  • fixed: removed various general-speeches (less text!)
  • fixed: “security back online” also shows when you left the building
  • fixed: wall-lasers only activate if they are onScreen
  • fixed: death during a “back of head” operation leaves head rendered behind body
  • fixed: “skillpoints” text in statusbar is too long
  • fixed: take down tank mission removed from jungle (doesn’t have tanks)


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