Rogue Tactics: v0.8.0 – Manual aiming and BETA feedback

Rogue Tactics: v0.8.0 – Manual aiming and BETA feedback

Waiting for a new gameplay video to complete it’s rendering and upload to youtube, so while doing that.. let’s release v0.8.0!  This is the first new version after the public beta I did a few weeks ago, and it contains a bunch of improvements based on some of the feedback.

The biggest one is the manual-aiming, which is now possible when playing with keyboard+mouse or with gamepad. It’s purely optional, so you can ignore it if you prefer the auto-aim, but especially on gamepad it’s very flexible to just use that right-stick to really target an enemy now and then. And as long as you don’t touch that stick, the game will default to auto-aim!

This build does also come with some new cool things, we now have guard-towers,  enemy trucks, sticky-bombs, landmines, crouching, and a few new missions/objectives in the rotation. So well worth checking out!

The big things left are : getting those boss-battles back in the game, adding one more world, and focus my fine-tuning efforts on the Arctic and Egypt worlds, which still have some things going on that need fixing.

Let’s see if I can get all that done in the next 1-3 weeks and then have a release build available… wow!

Anyway, grab the Patreon build if you are a Patron by following this link, or Wishlist the game and come hang out in for the chance of winning a free copy on release by playing the duck-hunt game in the discord!

Full change list, both versions combined:

  • added: player now has some light around him when indoors.. giving player more sight in darker corners
  • added: updated to new libgdx (hopefully fixing some startup issues)
  • added: extra checks around controller-testing at start
  • added: icon to game-window
  • added: hotplug detect for new controllers
  • added: improved mouse navigation in menus
  • added: manual aiming (keyboard+mouse)
  • added: manual aiming (gamepad)
  • added: Sticky-bombs, great for creating new paths through walls!
  • added: 3 different sticky-bomb packs (most likely to spawn in bomb shop)
  • added: Landmines are now inventory items (not placed automatically in the level anymore)
  • added: overhaul on interface menus, mouse navigation, gamepad navigation and looks
  • added: Stealth mission – complete a tower without alarms
  • added: sticky-bombs should trigger enemies
  • added: improved overworld generation of 2nd area in same world
  • added: Crouching (press down while moving – not on touchscreen)
  • added: Advanced game settings – [X] Randomworlds – if disabled will generate same game layout on all new games
  • added: Advanced game settings – [X]Permadeath (on) – option to keep last save game after you die
  • added: Watch-towers + objective
  • added: if all objectives done, let general say “to the chopper”

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: using mouse to set keyboard settings required double clicks
  • fixed: setting numpad keys for input
  • fixed: inventory titlebar showing wrong item name on 2nd tab
  • fixed: respawning in dungeon (timemachine) places you behind the timemachine
  • fixed: made locked doors more visible (operated with console-key)
  • fixed: placement of mission items in buildings now correctly split between amount of towers in a world
  • fixed: swapping weapon when no ammo, makes double-weapon swap sound
  • fixed: first weapon-swap on startup goes wrong (melee/shoot toggle)
  • fixed: objectives don’t fit in dialog
  • fixed: alert-sound now triggers less (less annoying, also fixes bug with sometimes breaking sound effects)
  • fixed: rain-sound loop doesn’t loop properly
  • fixed: sticky-bombs disappear when they hit something
  • fixed: enemies do weird vertical jumps on ledges
  • fixed: added more lights to hospital
  • fixed: after being alerted, soldiers sometimes stop and stare for infinity
  • fixed: take-down struggle now always happens, but soldier can still escape at end of that struggle (instead of when you grab them)
  • fixed: world-intro background doesn’t include “front” sprites.. so watchtower men look silly
  • fixed: overworld generator checks better on watch-towers and crane-crates
  • fixed: Soldier take-down now correctly checks if player has extra strength from helmet or suit or skills
  • fixed: avatar dialog can show up too high on screen
  • fixed: bunch of small inventory management bugs
  • fixed: player sometimes keeps floating on the parachute (after exploding building)


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